About Us

Short History

The Bulgarian Church Community "St. Ivan Rilski" Sydney Australia was founded on 4-th of April
1999. The name of the community - "St. Ivan Rilski" was chosen at the initial meeting on the
same date as a name of a spiritual angel and protector of Bulgaria and all the Bulgarians living
around the world.

The Bulgarian community in Sydney is a small one, consisting mostly of young,intelligent people
gathered under the aegis of the Bulgarian Christian Eastern Orthodox Church. The purpose of
the Community is to unite and organize all the orthodox Bulgarians, to encourage them to
become members of the community and take part in the building of a Bulgarian cultural and
spiritual centre with a community house, school, organizations, dance groups etc.

The participation of everyone is needed so we can reach our goal - the building of the centre.
The Australian authorities have officially registered the Church community.